A path to empowerment, resilience and new control in grief -
children, youth, young adults and their families

Supporting families through the difficult conversations about grief, when coping with all kinds of loss.

K Mentorway gives support with an open-hearted approach and a particular expertise
in regards to children, young people and their families in grief .

A guidance to find inner strength and resources as well as an access to the individual life story.
When expressed in personal words and methods it will build self confidence as well as resilience!!

The magic of play and a variety of creativie activities will discover individual paths towards empowerment!

Pedagogical teaching strategies to support children and young people in grief

Have you ever felt it challenging or even close to impossible to know how to use pedagogical teaching strategies and tools while approaching children and young people in grief?

The area of pedagogy is perhaps well known to you, but the irregular pattern of grief an unknown ground?

K Mentorway will guide you and your colleagues!

Children and young people have the right to be listened to in their unique way in matters that concern them!

The knowledge and understanding you as a professional have of their grief emotional reactions,
the individual's developmental needs and ability to receive information
are all crucial keys to ensure that the support they need actually will reach their hearts.

K Mentorway will give you the inspiration, the knowledge and the HOW !

You will receive manageable steps and tools to immediately bring to use
in your individual support meetings, groups or class room.

A heartfelt invite to read more about our services!

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