Heartful Empowerment

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Play and creative methods build resilience and it is through this
- during my and my family's life crisis - the expression Heartful Empowerment emerged.

After several difficult announcements, within a few hours life was total chaos for all of us.
The carpet from under our feet was pulled away again and again. Safe routines and conversations in our way no longer existed and the world,
as we knew it, was forever changed.

Having the opportunity to express oneself in a very personal, personal way provided new tools to describe the difficult.
We regained a form of control in the uncontrollable.

Feelings were communicated with and without words and what was so terrifying certainly didn't always become less scary
but out of nowhere a hopeful strength and lesson was created that gave us the strength to continue forward.

Amazing people in our network supported the family and me personally for many years through acts of love.

A seed of wonder was planted within me, that that support came to mean so much to my own ability
to replenish energy. This gave me the strength to once again create security for my child and my family.

To be seen as a human being behind the misery, yes that in turn strengthened the belief in my own ability to influence!
We welcomed this much-needed force in the family system that has involuntarily become our everyday life.

I decided that one day others will get to share my discovery and through it find their way to self-control!

My goal to aim for was to package the discovery, my competence and new knowledge into a new form.

That seed eventually grew into a powerful flower that today has the name K Mentorway - Heartful Empowerment!"

Play, creativity and imagination heal.
Through them you find personal tools for both small and large individuals to deal with what happens in difficult life situations.

Ambassador for play and creativity I was appointed by a 13-year-old girl who received a lot of support from me
after the death of a relative. That might be the most beautiful description of my person I have ever received!!

With great honor and humility, I hereby undertake the mission of being an ambassador for play and creativity
as a POWER to influence one's own situation in events of grief and crisis.

Man cannot solve or recall what happens or has happened in situations of grief and crisis, but you can regain a new form of control
Together we identify HOW to do it in the family and along the way we light sparks of life for children and young people!

With warmth,

Annika Kjeller

We are here for you!